Scotlandhour December 2017 Christmas and Hogmanay with @EdHogmanay Takeover

  Scotlandhour December 2017: Christmas and Hogmanay It’s such a special time for the year for everyone, when we get the chance to eat, drink & be merry, reconnect & recharge, switch off the phone and switch on Christmas lights, do a lot of things or do not very much at all (delete as appropriate to you!). Many of us will have the opportunity to see a bit more of [...]

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Scotlandhour November 2017 Digital Travel Takeover

Scotlandhour November 2017: Digital Travel Takeover November’s #Scotlandhour is a digital travel takeover! We’re delighted to welcome takeover hosts Criton, TrueScot and PocketLeap to manage our chat this month, and we hope you can join us on the evening of Wednesday 29 November, from 9-10pm. Find out more about each of our takeover hosts below and chat to them on Twitter. For our digital travel chat we want to hear [...]

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ScotlandHour September 2017 – Green Tourism

ScotlandHour September 2017 - Green Tourism September is dedicated for Green Tourism. Scotlandhour comes back on 27th September 9pm-10pm. With beautiful green surroundings, excellent waters, stunning skies and great food, Scotland is certainly one of the top destinations for sustainable tourism. Whether visitors are looking for a green haven, sustainable local & seasonal foods, outdoor activities and fresh air, Scotland caters for all tastes. Luxurious green hotel, standard eco accommodation [...]

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