Scotlandhour 26th October: Indoor Activities

Scotlandhour 26th October: Indoor Activities


October in Scotland, a perfect month to enjoy the colourful Autumn. As it becomes colder, it is an ideal opportunity to explore the indoor activities available for all of us.

Our chat on Wednesday 26th October, 9-10pm BST, will give us all the opportunity to get more acquainted with our indoor possibilities: a delightful afternoon tea, followed by strenuous indoor climbing in the largest indoor climbing arena in Europe, and recovered with some of the delicious Autumn dishes or perfect spa treatment for two. Intrigued? Well, get tuned in and discover what Scotland has to offer!

We are delighted to be joined this month by our fabulous co-hosts @Scransalon – the perfect platform for food lovers and @visitabdn – Sharing all that is great in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire


9:00 Q1 Share your favourite Autumn indoor activities in Scotland. #Scotlandhour


9:10 Q2 Great Autumn eating & drinking ideas or autumn dishes? #Scotlandhour


9:20 Q3 What makes your ideal evening in? #Scotlandhour


9:30 Q4 Share your top two family friendly or accessible indoor activities. #Scotlandhour


9:40 Q5 What’s new for indoor events & festivals? #Scotlandhour


9:50 Q6 Share your favourite photos/videos of indoor activities/events.  #Scotlandhour