ScotlandHour 28th June: Routes and Trails

ScotlandHour 28th June: Routes & Trails

All around Scotland there are all manner of routes and trails for people to use and get onto to allow them to enjoy all parts of Scotland. If you don’t think we have that many, how about this little collection for starters?

We can start at a gentle pace with the well known ones, such as the old favourite of the West Highland Way, the more recent John Muir Way, perhaps the Great Glen Way. Picking up the pace a little, we have 29, yes 29 long distance cycle routes that make up Scotland’s Great Trails, not to mention a whole lot of other cycle routes that make up the National Cycle Network. If you want a fast pace still, what about driving around some the great Loch’s such as Loch Ness, Loch Lomond or Loch Tay – all a great way to spend a day. And let’s not forget the North Coast 500, rightly billed as Scotland’s answer to Route 66 – a new scenic route showcasing castles, beaches and ruins.

A decent collection indeed, but we are only just starting – think about the great Canal routes and footpaths we have, the city trails, the coastal routes and of course, the historical routes that take you back in time!

So, we hope we are in agreement that we are have a wide range of routes and trails around the country and plenty of reasons to share and enjoy with others.

Of course, it’s always better to have some company on your journey, and we are no different, so we are delighted to say that we have been joined this month by Ramblers Scotland, @RamblersScot and of course they know a thing or two about getting out and about and will be able to guide us on the right path!

#ScotlandHour Routes and Trails Questions:

9.00pm Q1 Where / What is your favourite route / trail in Scotland and why? #Scotlandhour

9.10pm Q2 What route / trail do you look forward to going on and why? #Scotlandhour

9.20pm Q3 What local knowledge, top tip of a route or hike can you share with us to let us enjoy it more?


9.30pm Q4 In need of refreshments yet? Where is best to stop off when out on a trail & why? #Scotlandhour

9.40pm Q5 Describe your perfect day on a route / trail and tell us what makes it so great? #Scotlandhour

9.50pm Q6 Share your favourite pics from routes and trails around Scotland #Scotlandhour

Join us on Wednesday 28th June from 9pm and give us your tails of your trails (and routes!).