Scotlandhour September 2018 – Food and Drink

Scotlandhour September 2018 – Food and Drink

Langoustines, Scottish salmon, Scottish lamb, and whisky? Scotland is abundant in great produce and talented chefs making this country a great food destination.

This month we are exploring the Scotland Food and Drink, from Argyll to Aberdeenshire, from Highlands to the Scottish Borders. From amazing restaurants to tasty street food, Scotland has something for every taste and budget.

Co-hosting this month we have Ellis Allan from Scotland Food and Drink, who will be promoting the latest Food Tourism Strategy. Bringing the passion for the liquid gold, we have Rosie Willmot from Scotch Whisky Experience.

Please join us on 26th September at 9pm GMT and share your favourite food and drink destinations in Scotland.

Here are the questions we will be discussing:

Q1 Please share your Scottish Food Memory #scotlandhour #scotfood

Q2 What is your favourite Scottish Food destination? #scotlandhour #scotfood

Q3 Whisky the liquid gold, tell us your latest whisky experience in Scotland. #scotlandhour #scotfood

Q4 Tell us your perfect food and whisky match #scotlandhour #scotfood

Q5 Give us your top 3 reasons to visit Scotland #scotlandhour #scotfood

Q6 Please share images or video that represent Food and Drink in Scotland #scotlandhour #scotfood

 Please include #scotlandhour and #scotfood and add A1 to answer Q1, etc. in each tweet. 

(source of image: Sebastian Kobelt)