Scotlandhour Wednesday 27th April : Outdoors & Active

#ScotlandHour Weds 27 April 9-10pm Outdoors & Active

Monthly Scottish travel and tourism Twitter chat Scotlandhour celebrates Scotland’s Great Outdoors!

Wednesday 27th April, 9-10pm

Come and join in with this month’s chat on the subject of the outdoors and active – particularly apt as we have hit a spell of reasonable weather, so no excuses for not getting outside!

Our co-hosts this month are The Scots Magazine ( @ScotsMagazine ) and Kim Kjaerside ( @Kimkjaerside ) and we look forward to their contribution and posts.

There are a wide variety of things to see and do in the Scottish Outdoors, be it in the countryside are within towns and cities. Sometimes you have to get active and more about, whilst on other occasions, you can just sit down watch the world go by enjoying the scenery – whatever it is, tells us your stories and share more great pictures through the hour.

Scotlandhour Wednesday 27th April, 9-10pm: Outdoors and Active

9.00 Q1 What/Where is your favourite outdoor event or activity in Scotland? #Scotlandhour

9.10 Q2 What/Where is your favourite setting for eating outdoors in Scotland?  #Scotlandhour

9.20 Q3 What/Where is do you like to spend some time outside and why?  #Scotlandhour

9.30 Q4 What’s your tip for getting more active outside?  #Scotlandhour

9.40 Q5 Where is a great outdoor place to go that’s not well known? #Scotlandhour

9.50 Q6 Share your pictures of the great Scottish outdoors #Scotlandhour

Please do share with others ahead of the evening and join us by following the hashtag #Scotlandhour to see all of the comments and answers.

Remember to include #Scotlandhour and A1 in your answer to Q1 etc