Awesome Autumn – September 2022

Awesome Autumn

Wednesday 28th September 9-10pm


What a great time of the year we’ve got coming up now as the summer sun starts to waine and we see the colours of nature really come out to play. The central heating also got switched back on today so there is no surer sign that the seasons are changing!


For this month’s  #Scotlandhour we want to talk about this amazing time with a more cost conscious angle given that we’re all conscious on the cost of everything. We’ve even kept this introduction short to save you time.


To have a great time, it doesn’t mean you have to go to great expense, often the best things in life are free, so this month we’re keen to hear how you can do things that are cheaper than you might expect, or even come at negligible cost.


Don’t forget to include #Scotlandhour in all your tweets and then A1 to answer question 1 etc.


Join us this Wednesday, 9-10pm for a little bit of a distraction and share your awesome Autumn tweets with us all.


Mark and the Scotlandhour Team. 






Q1 What’s a great way to spend time with family & friends without it costing too much? #Scotlandhour


Q2 Where do you like to go for a few hours to get away from the daily routine? #Scotlandhour 


Q3 What’s your top tip for saving money or getting great value for money? #Scotlandhour


Q4 Tell us your favourite food / drink that isnt too expensive? #Scotlandhour


Q5 What does Autumn mean to you? #Scotlandhour


Q6 Share your photos of Autumn in Scotland? #Scotlandhour