Scottish Beer, Gin and Whisky – September 2020

Scotland’s love of whisky is well known worldwide with many visitors coming here to sample a whisky in the land of its birth.  But in recent years its not just whisky that has been creating attention worldwide.  Did you know that 70% of UK gin is actually made in Scotland?  There are now more than 100 different gin brands in Scotland and from every single corner of the country.  Just like whisky.  Then there is beer with a revival in craft beer with wonderful beers again across the country many with not simply great flavour but great names too with a sense of humour that us Scots are known for.  So, in this the most challenging of years we thought it was time Scotland Hour celebrated our wonderful Beer, Gin and Whisky.  Scotland Hour has always been a virtual community with a strong love of Scotland and what makes it great. 

So, let us raise a glass tonight and celebrate three of our best products!

We are really lucky for September to have four great hosts.  Firstly, Emma Hall from Kintyre Gin @kintyregin then we have David McGowan from Broughton Beer @BroughtonAles.  Another Emma this time Emma Clark who runs Glenegedale House in Islay @GlenegedaleH  and, finally last but by no means least Selkirk Gin @Selkirkdistill.  The Host for the Scotland Hour Team is Fiona Drane @FionaDrane who will be running the @scotlandhour twitter account.


Q1.  Let’s pretend we’re actually in a pub tonight, commiserating over how challenging 2020 has been and supporting each other in person – what are you drinking and why? #scotlandhour

Q2.  What’s your favourite pairing in terms of Scottish food and drink? Pie and a pint? Haggis and whisky? Gin and Cheese or other pairings ideas please? #scotlandhour

Q3.  What was the first whisky you ever tried and what did you think and have your impressions changed since? #scotlandhour

Q4. Which brewery or distillery would you like to get married in / renew your vows and why? #scotlandhour

Q5. Internationally Scotland and Scotch always go hand in hand. What other beverage[s] should we be more well known for? 

Q6.  Share photos and videos of your favourite beer, gin and whisky the more unusual the location the better #scotlandhour


Remember to include #ScotlandHour and A1, A2 and so forth in your replies, so everyone can join in and share.  We can all support Scottish Tourism and ensure that we are building strong foundations for a positive future.  We have a wonderful country with world famous drink products, let’s celebrate them tonight.

Thanks, and keep safe everyone,
Fiona on behalf of the Scotland Hour Team