#ScotlandHour 24 June 2015 – The Scottish Seaside

#ScotlandHour 24 June 2015 – The Scottish Seaside

The questions for this month’s Twitter chat at 9 pm (UK time – BST) on 24 June 2015 are:

9.00 pm Q1 Where is your favourite promenade stroll #ScotlandHour
9.10 pm Q2 Favourite picnic spot & things to eat by the seaside #ScotlandHour
9.20 pm Q3 What’s your ‘must have with you’ on a trip to the seaside #ScotlandHour
9.30 pm Q4 What is your favourite beach #ScotlandHour
9.40 pm Q5 What’s the best ice cream to enjoy by the Scottish seaside #ScotlandHour
9.50 pm Q6 Share your best seaside images #ScotlandHour

Join in on Twitter by answering Questions using the format A1…. #ScotlandHour to answer Q1, A2 to answer Q2 and so on.  Joining in the chat and showing your knowledge of different areas of Scotland helps people to find you, and you’re welcome to continue the conversation with new friends and old.

The @ScotlandHour Twitter account, and regular team of: Dougie Baird – @bairdtravels, Susan McNaughton – @susanmcnaughton, Fiona Drane – @FionaDrane, Aileen Lamb – @AileenLamb, Mark Calpin – @markcalpin, Lesley Judge – @lesleyjudge and Sam Weston – @sam_weston will Tweet out the questions, and we’re joined this month by Nicola Holland, who blogs as @FunkyEllas and is also one of the #Scotlanders team.

As always, we are keen to hear from people wanting to co-host these hours, just drop us a tweet or get in touch with the one of the regular hosts for more information.