ScotlandHour, November 2019- Award Winning

It’s coming to the end of the year folks and our chat on 27 November at 9pm is celebrating what Scotland has to offer.

We’re asking for your thoughts on potential award-winning Scottish destinations, accommodation, restaurants, food and drink and really anything else you can think of.

Sadly, the #scotlandhour budget doesn’t stretch that far and there aren’t any actual awards – but who knows maybe next year!  So, get your caps on and start thinking about your answers to the following questions.

Remember to use #scotlandhour in your replies and use A1, A2 etc in your answers.  Pics are also a great way to generate interest and debate.

Taking the reins this time round, on what will be our last chat until 2020, will be @amberparkcouple

Guest host for the evening is @kirstenalana who is an LA based travel photographer who has a passion for Scotland 

We asked her to write a few words about what Scotland means to her – how inspiring are these?

“My name is Kirsten and I’m a freelance photographer, sometimes blogger and content creator for the travel industry. I’m based in Los Angeles now but I first visited Edinburgh in December of 2012 for Hogmanay when I was still nomadic. That visit included Loch Ness, the Isle of Skye and the town of St. Andrews as well as a stay in the Highlands. It was there, while on a solitary walk one evening that I realized Scotland had permanently embedded itself into my heart. For years, I went back annually and not a year goes by in which I don’t long to return. It’s something in the people whose stories I never tire of listening to; whose pride in their history and culture is so stirring and deep. Or maybe it’s about sipping a dram of Scotch before an open fire when it’s a dreich day outside, wrapped up in tartan and wool. It’s definitely the wildness of the Highlands that makes me feel a little wild myself. And the beauty of a sunset over the Loch at the end of Glen Etive. I may not have any Scottish ancestors but I think I love Scotland as deeply as if I did, beyond reason and without condition.”

We’re also having our own wee awards night courtesy of the following who have donated a few prizes for the evening: / @birkentree / @wildfigfood / @errichel / @scottishtablet / @kirkjuvagr_gin

Winners will be selected by our guest host @kirstenalana based on the replies to the questions, bonus points always given for great pics!  For avoidance of doubt the winners will be those taking part in the chat and not necessarily the attractions, venues or accomodation etc. mentioned in the post.


Q1 Scotland has much to offer from hotels, self-catering to bed and breakfasts and camp sites, plus great restaurants and attractions.  Share a place that you have visited or run and tell us why it deserves an award. Sponsored by @errichel #scotlandhour

Q2 Scotland has stunning scenery, good food / drink, wildlife to its history and culture.  If pitched against other places in the world what one element would make it stand out and win the award for best place to visit.  Sponsored by @birkentree #scotlandhour

Q3 If you were to design a #scotlandhour award, what iconic image would you go for and what material would you make it out of? Sponsored by @wildfigfood #scotlandhour

Q4 There’s been a lot happening in Scotland during 2019, who or what would you nominate for the award of best ‘newcomer 2019’ – it can cover any area of travel, tourism, food or drink in Scotland. Sponsored by @scottishtablet #scotlandhour

Q5 Scotland is fortunate to have many bodies, groups and individuals all looking to promote what we have – who gets your nomination for ‘biggest contribution’ over the last 12 months?  Sponsored by @kirkjuvagr_gin #scotlandhour

Q6 An easy one for our final question of 2019!  Share an image which in your view demonstrates why #Scotland is such an award-winning destination to live, work and visit #scotlandhour