About ScotlandHour

Scotland Hour started in August 2011, the brainchild of Dougie Baird, travel writer and entrepreneur. Originally a fun way to tell fellow travellers all about Scotland. It’s now grown to become a great way to promote tourism in and around our country.

What is #ScotlandHour?

ScotlandHour is a monthly chat on Twitter. Covering subjects like ‘where to stay’, ‘where to eat’, ‘what to do in Bonnie Scotland’ etc. It’s a chance for travellers to chat and plan a visit to Scotland.

When is #ScotlandHour?

ScotlandHour takes place on the last Wednesday of the month, 9pm – 10pm GMT on Twitter.

How do I get involved?

Simply tag your tweets with the hashtag #Scotlandhour and check the ScotlandHour Twitter profile for this month’s subject area.

Future of #ScotlandHour

The future is bright for #ScotlandHour. Ideas include:

  • Tweet up in bar in Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital.
  • Possible weekly #Scotlandhour during the summer season.

You can help. Send us your ideas of how you’d like to see #ScotlandHour develop. We hope it will grow from strength to strength and become a great advert for our country.