Wacky Scotland – March 2024

This month with Scotland Hour we’re trying to have a little fun and bring some good-hearted laughter to our monthly chat about all things Scotland. We hope you will join us and enjoy the theme alongside us. This month #ScotlandHour takes place on Wednesday, March 27th at 9 pm Scotland-time. Get your photos ready to attach to any relevant tweet and make sure to always include the hashtag #ScotlandHour. We’ll be tweeting in answer of these questions:

9:00 pm – Q1. What’s the wackiest name for a place that you have ever heard of in Scotland? #ScotlandHour
9:10 pm – Q2. What’s the wackiest-named place you have visited in Scotland? Show us photos (or a clip from a map)! #ScotlandHour
9:20 pm – Q3. If you could give a place in Scotland a wacky name, what would it be and where is this place? #ScotlandHour
9:30 pm – Q4. What places’ name make you smile when you hear it mispronounced? #ScotlandHour
9:40 pm – Q5. What great memories have you got from places with strange names? #ScotlandHour
9:50 pm – Q6. What place has got a great story behind why it is so called? #ScotlandHour

Don’t forget to start your tweet with A1, A2, and so forth, so everyone can know what question you’re answering. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #ScotlandHour in your tweets.

the Scotland Hour Team

Header photo of Glasgow’s “Smartie Tube Tunnel” courtesy Geo Chierchia on Unsplash