Out and About in Scotland – October 2023

Scotland is known for its great outdoors and it’s one of the reasons people visit and visit again and again.  This year we welcomed the UCI World Cycling event in Glasgow and many other parts of Scotland.  We have wonderful mountains, forests and walking trails from the Hebridean way on the islands to the Southern Upland Way in the South.  We have arguably the best mountain biking and adventure sports in the world.  And being surrounded by water, our water sports are world class too with scenery that cannot be beaten.  So, for the October Scotland Hour we thought we would celebrate outdoor activities.  Talk about the activities that you love and maybe find some new ones.


Question 1. Where is your favourite walk in Scotland & why – it doesn’t even have to be a formal “way”? #Scotlandhour

Questions 2. If you had to recommend a cycle route to go on in Scotland, what would it be? #Scotlandhour


Question 3. Scotland is known for its adventure sports – what’s your favourite and where? #Scotlandhour

Question 4. As we’re surrounded by water, it’s no surprise that Scotland is also famous for its water sports – what water sports do you recommend? #Scotlandhour

Question 5. If you can choose one activity outdoors in Scotland, what would it be and why? #Scotlandhour

Question 6. Share your photos and videos of outdoor activities in Scotland. #Scotlandhour


Don’t forget to start your tweet with A1, A2, and so forth, so everyone can know what question you’re answering. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #ScotlandHour in your tweets.

The Scotland Hour Team