Autumn in Scotland – September 2023

For many people, Autumn is their favourite season in Scotland. Whether it’s your favourite season or not nobody can argue that the golden hues of summer make Scotland even more beautiful with the reward of sunrise and sunsets and even the Northern Lights too.

So, for the #ScotlandHour on the 27th of September, we thought we would celebrate the glorious season of Autumn. Encourage new visits across Scotland or to return to old favourites. Find the best places to sample Autumnal food and drink. What are key events to enjoy? And how can you get out in the great outdoors and enjoy it all?

Join us and celebrate all things Autumnal.

9:00 pm – Q1. Where is the best places to visit in Autumn and why? #ScotlandHour
9:10 pm – Q2. What is your favourite Autumn event? #ScotlandHour
9:20 pm – Q3. Name a favourite cycle, walk or activity in Autumn. #ScotlandHour
9:30 pm – Q4. What is your favourite Autumn food.  Name local shops and restaurants who make Autumn special as well. #ScotlandHour
9:40 pm – Q5. What for you is a must-see in Autumn in your area that is maybe less well known? #ScotlandHour
9:50 pm – Q6. Showcase your autumnal photos and videos #ScotlandHour

Don’t forget to start your tweet with A1, A2, and so forth, so everyone can know what question you’re answering. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #ScotlandHour in your tweets.

the Scotland Hour TeamPhoto by Kirsten Alana.

Photos courtesy Andy Drane (top) and Kirsten Alana (just above).