Celebrating Scotland’s Food and Drink – February 2020

Scotland is famous worldwide for its food and drink.  With every area of the country having its own delicacies from Selkirk Bannock in the South to butteries in Aberdeenshire.  Bradies or are they Bridies depending what part of the country you are in?  There are a multitude of wonderful dishes to try in each and every area of Scotland.  We are blessed with the local produce, arguably more so than any other country, from the harvest from our seas to our meat and vegetables.  In this world of foraging we also have an array of things that you can try when on holiday from mussels to even cooking seaweed to accompany them.


Drink wise Scotland is of course famous for our Whisky with old and new distilleries from the South to the very North of the Country.  But it is also the country that has given us Irn Bru which many think is really the country’s national drink.  However, in recent years its Gin that has been the trendy drink in Scotland with more Gin Distillers in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK.  Supported by some wonderful tonic waters and soft drinks that make a fantastic drink in their own right though also perfect with a local gin or two.


Wherever you are in Scotland you will enjoy great hospitality and food and drink.  This is what we want to celebrate for the February #scotlandhour on the 26th 9pm to 10pm.  As well as celebrating our food and drink, we also want to pay tribute to our fantastic producers and restaurants as well as recipes that we’ve made for centuries as well as our modern cuisine.


We are so lucky this month to have some wonderful co-hosts from the world of tourism and food and drink joining us.  From the South we have Vanessa from Scotland Starts Here @HereScotland.  Food Blogger June Carroll @NibbleScotland.  The fantastic Claire Rennie from the summerhouse drinks @SummerhouseFizz.  And last but by no means least Jim and Duncan from 56 Degree Insight who sponsor the Scottish Food and Drink awards @56DegreeInsight.  From the Scotlandhour team Fiona Drane is leading the hour @FionaDrane.


Join us on Wednesday 26th February 2020, 9-10pm as we talk Food and Drink.  Don’t forget to include #Scotlandhour in your answers! And the number of the question so A1 and so forth.



Q1. 9.00pm What Scottish specialities/producers and restaurants should visitors not miss when in Scotland? #scotlandhour.

Q2. 9.10pm Each area of Scotland has its own delicacies.  What is your favourite and why? #scotlandhour

Q3. 9.20pm What food and drink events are a must see? #scotlandhour

Q4. 9.30pm What is your favourite Scottish drink/tipple and why? #scotlandhour

Q5. 9.40pm With it being the year of coast and waters where can you experience the best seafood in Scotland? #scotlandhour

Q6. 9.50pm Share your favourite photos and videos of Scottish food and drink. #scotlandhour