Connecting with Scotland – March 2021


Connecting in South Uist… Photo by Kathi Kamleitner

March Scotlandhour Wednesday 31st, 9-10pm

Connecting with Scotland

Whether we live in Scotland or elsewhere in the world, the one thing we look forward to most is the day we can finally travel to and around Scotland again.

Until then, we all have to find ways to tide over the unfulfilled wanderlust and fill the Scotland-shaped hole in our hearts.

Let’s talk about your favourite ways to connect with Scotland from afar or within – because really, whether you’re in Bathgate or San Francisco, a trip around Scotland feels equally out of reach just now.

So, how do infuse your life with a dose of Scotland? Films, podcasts or books? Recipes, traditions or drams? In this #ScotlandHour we’ll get to the bottom of this and share with each other the best coping strategies to bring a little bit of Scotland into our lives.

Our guest host this month is Glasgow-based Kathi Kamleitner who runs the Scotland travel blog @watchmesee and brand-new storytelling podcast @wildforscotland.

Join us on Wednesday, 31st March, 9-10 pm when we dream about Scotland. Remember to include #ScotlandHour and A1, A2 and so forth in your replies, so everyone can join in and share.


Q1. How do you stay connected with Scotland even though we currently can’t travel? #ScotlandHour

Q2. Do you have a favourite Scottish tradition to do at home? #ScotlandHour

Q3. Which books, films, shows, podcasts, blogs or online communities help you feel connected with Scotland? #ScotlandHour

Q4. Tell us your favourite travel memory from Scotland to inspire future trips! #ScotlandHour

Q5. Let’s talk scran & drams. Which foods or drinks make you feel like you’re in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

Q6. Show us your favourite photos or videos that take you back to Scotland! #ScotlandHour