Favourite Season – May 2021

We here at Scotland Hour are so proud of the turnout for April’s chat as we Celebrated Scottish Tourism with @VisitScotNews and talked about what being able to welcome it back in some form meant to us all. Thanks for being such a great community that’s so supportive of one another! You’ve just been amazing throughout the trials of the last year and we hope that 2021 will end up being a year to celebrate indeed for those of us that work, live in or support Scotland!

We’re thrilled to have got one of our most active Twitter community members co-hosting for 26th May: @Kimkjaerside! You surely know his photos from previous chats and regular posting to the #ScotlandHour hashtag and we’re honoured to have him as a co-host as we know he’s going to help make it great. Kim’s idea involves giving some love to ‘Your Favourite Season in Scotland’ and we’re looking forward to seeing what – or when – that is for each of you. We might get a lot of different answers with this and we’re hoping to give some love to shoulder seasons to really spread the joy over all Scotland’s regions and activities through the answers. Feel up to it? Here are the questions we’ll be answering with our tweets.

For 26th May 9-10 PM local Scotland time:

9:00 pm – Q1. Where are you joining from this evening? #ScotlandHour

9:10 pm – Q2. What is your favourite season in Scotland, show us why! #ScotlandHour

9:20 pm – Q3. What is your favourite seasonal Scottish food or drink? #ScotlandHour

9:30 pm – Q4. What season / months do you prefer to holiday in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9:40 pm – Q5. What is your favourite seasonal festival in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9:50 pm – Q6. Share your favourite seasonal photographs from across Scotland. #ScotlandHour

Get those photos ready. Let’s make it another photo-heavy night in Scotland and don’t forget to start your tweet with A1, A2 and so forth, so everyone can know what question you’re answering, as well as the hashtag #ScotlandHour of course. Very important that last bit! We can all support Scotland and ensure that we are building strong foundations for a positive future. We have a wonderful country, let’s give some love to all the different seasons during which we can enjoy it on 26th May!

Thanks, and continue to keep safe everyone,
the Scotland Hour Team