Festivals – July 2023

Yes, yes, yes, we know that there’s some in Edinburgh pretty soon, which we’ll come on to, however, there are so many other festivals that take place in Scotland each year and on this month’s festival themed #ScotlandHour we want to find out all about them all!

So what exactly is a “festival”? Well, amongst the many definitions online, for me the one that sums it up best is from the Cambridge Dictionary (that other dictionary gets too many mentions!) “an organized set of special events”. Tight enough to have some meaning and loose enough to not keep anyone away from the party.

The range and diversity of the festivals taking place grows each and every year. Of course, the Edinburgh Festival started back in 1947, so very much a trailblazer and inspiration for the rest, and taking a quick look online there are a number of festivals taking place around this time such as the Edinburgh Food Festival, the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Speyfest, Crail Festival, Bute Fest, Refuel Summer Festival, Inverary Festival, EDF Festival, Seil Scarecrow Festival, Eglinton Music Festival, Bassfest Summer Festival. These are just the ones from 19th July until the end of the month, so it gives you an idea of just how many there are in the course of the year.

Thinking back to the definition, festivals really do have the ability to pull people together and hopefully, attract new audiences every time they are on. There is such a variety of topics and themes to festivals now that there really is something for everyone and if you are sitting thinking that there isn’t one for you, then why not start one on your own favourite topic?

Food & Drink-themed festivals offer a great opportunity for people to try our new flavours and explore new tastes, often in a very well-structured way. The professionalism that surrounds most, if not all, festivals really does encourage you to go and see rather than stay at home!

We hope that you get some inspiration or ideas from this month’s hour and look forward to seeing you online on Wednesday 26th July, 9-10pm Scotland time.

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9.00 pm Q1: Which is your favourite festival to visit and why? #ScotlandHour
9.10 pm Q2: What surprises have you found when at a festival? #ScotlandHour
9.20 pm Q3: What tips can you give for someone visiting a festival? #ScotlandHour
9.30 pm Q4: Tell us about your favourite food & drink festival? #ScotlandHour
9.40 pm Q5: What festival would you like to see created or enhanced? #ScotlandHour
9.50 pm Q6: Share us your favourite festival photos! #ScotlandHour

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the Scotland Hour Team

Photos by Andy Drane and Kirsten Alana