Looking Forward to 2022 – Nov 2021

Maya Angelou once said, “Every storm runs out of rain.” Sure, we are not alone in thinking this storm has gone on forever but it is hopefully now starting to run out of rain.

So, we want to end 2021’s Scotland Hour season positively by looking forward to tourism in Scotland in 2022.  Where are you looking forward to going that is new to you or are you going back to old haunts?  How are you going to travel responsibly and support local communities? We are going to ask these questions and more in our final #ScotlandHour of 2021 which takes place on the 24th of November at 9pm to 10pm Scotland-time.

We have three great guest hosts with us @So_Scottish, @SallyCwrites, and @GreatTapestrySc. We are really looking forward to having them on board and letting you know their exciting thoughts on their business for 2022.  From the Scotland Hour team, we have @KirstenAlana and @FionaDrane.

So, join us for the final Scotland Hour of 2021 as we look forward to a brighter 2022 and a positive future for Scottish Tourism in 2022 as we welcome UK and Overseas visitors back to the best small country in the world.


9:00 pm – Q1. Where are you most looking forward to visiting again in 2022?

9:10 pm – Q2. What’s the one Scottish travel experience you want to create or recreate in 2022?

9:20 pm – Q3. How do you plan to travel more responsibly in Scotland in 2022?

9:30 pm – Q4. What kind of holiday are you looking forward to taking in 2022? An activity holiday, a foodie trip, a city break or something else?

9:40 pm – Q5. How can we travel better in 2022 and support local communities in Scotland?

9:50 pm – Q6. Please share photos and videos of places you are looking forward to returning to, or seeing, in 2022.

Don’t forget to start your tweet with A1, A2, and so forth, so everyone can know what question you’re answering. And don’t forget to include the hashtag #ScotlandHour in all your tweets of course.

the Scotland Hour Team

We won’t have a chat in December – so after this, we will see you next in January 2022!


2022 Photo by Moritz Knöringer on Unsplash