Scotlandhour January 2019 – A Warm Welcome and A New Start!

A Warm Welcome to one and all!


As we welcome the New Year and start off on the adventure of a new, exciting and interesting year, with great intentions of what we plan to achieve and do in the year that lies ahead of us, we thought that it was right to consider the welcome that we extend to all as well as the optimism of the new opportunity that we all enjoy.


The first month of the year can often be a challenging one if you don’t meet it head on and seize the chance of a fresh start – you can consider the untrodden snow outside your front door like a major challenge to get through, or you could think of the new path and footprints which you alone are about to make, it is all about perspective!


January can be a colourful month – with mornings and nights that are black, weather that has white-outs of snow, a super blood (red) wolf moon and even a moody “blue Monday“  – however, there are also some green shoots of recovery as the days begin to lengthen and you start to drive to work without your lights on!


Amidst all of this colour, we aim to shine a beacon of brightness with our first Scotlandhour of the New Year as we look to find out about the welcomes that we enjoy and embrace at the start of the year. It is very much a chance to share all that this change of year brings and the chance that it creates for us all to write a fresh page in our diary of life!


So, welcome to one and all, come on in and share with us your hopes, dreams, stories and tales as we look forward with a smile on our face and maybe even the sun on our back!


Join us on Wednesday 30th January 9-10pm for the first #Scotlandhour of 2019.


The questions are:

Q1         As we welcome in a New Year, what is the best thing you love about the start of a New Year?

Q2         When you think of a great warm welcome, what place or people spring to mind for you?

Q3         What would you like to welcome and introduce to our tourism offering if you could?

Q4         What is your favourite food / drink for this time of year?

Q5         What places in Scotland are you looking forward to being welcomed to this year?

Q6         Please share your photos of what this time of year means to you.

See you on Wednesday 30th January at 9pm!