ScotlandHour May 2019 – Waters of Scotland

ScotlandHour May 2019 – Waters of Scotland

As many of you will know 2020 is the Year of Coasts and Waters for Scotland. With 10,000 miles of coastline, 790 islands, 31,460 Lochs, 137 miles of canals, 11 major rivers with many more smaller ones we undoubtedly have some of the best coast and water in the world. Scotlandhour will feature this celebration also next year but we thought we would get the celebrations stared for our May Scotlandhour on the 29th May on Twitter. We are delighted that North Link Ferries @NLFerries and Scottish Canals @scottishcanals are co-hosting with us this month.

Do join us Wednesday 29th May 9pm – 10pm on twitter.

May Questions

1. Scotland’s coastal scenery is very diverse, ranging from dramatic cliffs and sea stacks to stunning beaches – what is your favourite place close to the water? #scotlandhour

2. There are a great many festivals in Scotland. What is your favourite festival that has some connection to water? #scotlandhour

3. There are many Islands off the coast of the UK – do you have a favourite island destination? #scotlandhour

4. There are many activities that can take place in water around Scotland, from water sports to whale watching – any recommendations? #scotlandhour

5. How do Scottish waters benefit our local Food & Drink industry? #scotlandhour

6. Share your photos and footage of Scottish Water. #scotlandhour