Travel & Tourism Awards: Our Shining Stars

Travel & Tourism Awards: Our Shining Stars

And the winner is…….


We are right in the midst of the awards season just now and here on Scotlandhour we are not any different, so get your judging chair ready and join us on Wednesday 28th February between 9pm -10pm to share your expertise and knowledge on our lovely country and our travel & tourism shining stars – and you can even pick what one of the awards is!

Recognition for good, even great, work is so rewarding for those who receive it and this is your chance to ensure that some of that recognition love is shared around, so tell us who you think should be the winners. Sometimes the best people are put off by long application forms, or endless judging rounds, or do not have the time to go away from their business to the awards ceremony or don’t want the bother of trying to find something to wear!

Well problems well and truly solved, and here is how:

“Long Application Forms” – no forms required, you have got a whole 280 characters to talk about them (of course you can use more than one tweet or have more than one winner). PROBLEM SOLVED!

“endless judging rounds” – there are no rounds, just one hour between 9pm and 10pm on Wednesday 28th February. PROBLEM SOLVED!

“go away from their business”  – you can join in from anywhere that suits you, your work, your kitchen, your bedroom, your front room, wherever suits you. PROBLEM SOLVED!

“find something to wear” – there is no dress code for our hour, t shirt and shorts, pyjamas, loungewear, whatever you feel comfortable tweeting in. PROBLEM SOLVED!


Our guest host this month is Robyn Todd, @ToddRobyn99 who in keeping with our embracing of Year of Young People is a YOYP2018 Ambassador. In addition to this role, Robyn is a committee member for Dundee Youth Council and MSYP for Dundee East so we are delighted to welcome Robyn and appreciate her taking time out of her studies to join us.


Many people work day in, day out delivering a great service or product in the industry and never get the recognition that they deserve, so this is your chance to change that. You have the final decision on who is going to receive your awards, so use those fingers wisely and share with us the benefits of your experience and let us shine the light on those who truly deserve it.


Remember to include #Scotlandhour in all your tweets and A1 in your answer to question 1 etc. And as you will see, Q4 refers to the Year of Young People, so if you can manage an extra hashtag with those answers that would be great!

9.00pm                 Q1 Who deserves the award for always delivering great customer service? #Scotlandhour

9.10pm                 Q2 Who deserves the award for the best view to work in? #Scotlandhour

9.20pm                 Q3 What award would you give out and to whom? #Scotlandhour

9.30pm                 Q4 Who deserves the award for developing the future of the tourism industry for our young people? #Scotlandhour #YOYP2018

9.40pm                 Q5 Who deserves the award for making you smile every time you visit them or use their products? #Scotlandhour

9.50pm                 Q6 Share with us the image which deserves the award for the most inspiring for our tourism industry? #Scotlandhour


Thanks as always for your interest and participation in Scotlandhour and see you on Wednesday 28th February 9pm-10pm.