Walking and Walking Trails – February 2022

Walks and Walking Trails

There can be no better way to enjoy our wonderful country than by walking out and about across Scotland. Not only do you get the chance to see things at your own pace, savouring the fresh air and the scenery, but you also get a little (or big) bit of exercise at the same time, so great for the head and the heart! And another bonus is that it doesn’t have to cost too much at all.

This month’s theme is ideally poised to get us all inspired on these lengthening days with the warmer weather (I was going to write “improving” before last weekend!). Whilst Spring might not have sprung quite yet, we are seeing a bit more of the sunshine and it gives us all encouragement for what is just around the corner.

Getting out and about in the country is great, however, don’t think that we are not interested in some of the fantastic trails that can be found in our towns and cities. You may even want to tweet about some route that you know that isn’t listed as a trail, but it is a favourite of yours!

We are delighted to have some great guest hosts this month who really do know whether it is better to take the high road or the low road to get to Scotland before you! They are @Official_WHW. @HereScotland, and @FortWilliam365 so our thanks to them for joining us, and you, for this great chat.

Our questions for this month’s chat are shown below, remember to include #ScotlandHour in all your tweets and then A1 for your reply to Question 1 etc.

We look forward to you all joining us on Wednesday, February 23rd between 9-10pm for our Walks and Walking Trails #ScotlandHour

9.00pm     Q1.  Tell us about your favourite walk in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9.10pm     Q2.   Which long distance walk is on your wish list and why? #ScotlandHour

9.20pm     Q3.   When you only have a morning or afternoon to spare, what walk do you like to take and why? #ScotlandHour

9.30pm     Q4.   What surprises have you discovered when out walking around Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9.40pm     Q5.   Tell us about the most accessible / family friendly walks you know? #ScotlandHour

9.50pm     Q6.   Share your favourite photos / video clips from walking around Scotland. #ScotlandHour