Natural Scotland – Earth Day

ScotlandHour Apr 2018, Natural Scotland – Earth Day

This month the blog is brought to you by #ScotlandHour team member @AileenLamb and co-host @newcastleton from the beautiful Scottish Borders

This month, ScotlandHour is going natural. Did you know that UK and overseas travellers rate Scotland’s natural wonders as a key reason for visiting Scotland. They’ll travellers make plans in advance and typically they are looking to unwind and spend relaxing time in Scotland’s stunning outdoors.

However, nature also means adrenaline and fun – which Scotland offers too. Adventure seekers want to spend time enjoying new and exciting activates as well as Scotland’s culture. So, whether your bag is a reflective stroll in stunning scenery or being wet and wild on a remote mountain bike track, natural Scotland has something for you.

Join in the conversation on Wednesday 25th April at 9pm. Remember to use #ScotlandHour

  • Q1 9pm – What for you captures the very best of Natural Scotland #ScotlandHour
  • Q2 9.10pm – Where are your favourite hidden gems to spot the local wildlife #ScotlandHour
  • Q3 9.20pm – Where can adrenaline seekers enjoy natural Scotland #ScotlandHour
  • Q4 9.30pm – How can we get more people involved in natural Scotland # ScotlandHour
  • Q5 9.40pm – Where are the best places to stay to enjoy natural Scotland # ScotlandHour
  • Q6 9.50pm – Share your images of Natural Scotland #ScotlandHour