ScotlandHour 28th June: Routes and Trails

ScotlandHour 28th June: Routes & Trails All around Scotland there are all manner of routes and trails for people to use and get onto to allow them to enjoy all parts of Scotland. If you don't think we have that many, how about this little collection for starters? We can start at a gentle pace with the well known ones, such as the old favourite of the West Highland Way, [...]

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ScotlandHour 26th April: Festivals & Events

ScotlandHour 26th April: Festivals & Events Scotland is renowned throughout the world for its rich culture and heritage and 2017 is even more special as Edinburgh celebrates its 70th anniversary as the world’s leading festival city.  From music and dance to literature, science, theatre, comedy, storytelling and military pageantry, there really is something for everyone, throughout the year. For #ScotlandHour this month we’re inviting you to share your stories, [...]

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Get ready for Spring – Unique Places to Stay

Scotland is blessed with an abundance of unusual places to stay. From castles to cow sheds (byres) there really is something from everyone. Looking for an unusual experience – why not try an eco house or a gypsy caravan? Stay in a friendly home stay with a local and enjoy insider knowledge, home cooking and true Scottish hospitality. Whether you’d like to live like a rock star or go back [...]

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