Out and About in Scotland – June 2020

Our June #ScotlandHour will take place on Wednesday 24th June from 9pm to 10pm.

As we continue to move further out of lockdown and into a new normal, we thought we should take the opportunity to talk about Getting Out and About – whether that’s in our backyards or just a little further afield. We know that the right moving on is with slow steps but we share your eagerness to be out exploring our beautiful country. We want to support each other but also celebrate what we can do right now.

It has been a tough time but the #ScotlandHour community have continued to support and inspire.  Let us do so again together on Wednesday.  The questions are listed here, just remember to include #ScotlandHour and A1, A2, A3 etc in your replies.

Thanks and stay safe everyone,
Kirsten for the ScotlandHour team

9.00pm Q1. Let’s start with photos this month. Share some images of how you have been out and about close to home lately. #ScotlandHour

9.10pm Q2. We know you’re eager to explore and experience more of Scotland further from home. What will be first for you? #ScotlandHour

9.20pm Q3. What day trips could you combine for an overnight trip in the near future? #ScotlandHour

9.30pm Q4. What do you think makes Scotland uniquely positioned to successfully recover from this time and adjust to whatever our new normal is going to be? #ScotlandHour

9.40pm Q5. What are you doing from home, or close to home, to plan and prepare for recovery? #ScotlandHour

9.50pm Q6. Share a photo of a place you’re looking forward to staying, when we can go on overnight trips again. And tag them if they have Twitter. #ScotlandHour

We’ll leave you with the words of Billy Connolly,
“There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.”