ScotlandHour 25th May 2016: Scottish Film & TV

#ScotlandHour Weds 25th May: Scottish Film & TV

From Bond to Begbie, Scots have been rolling their R’s and charming audiences on the big screen for many years.

Join us for this month’s ScotlandHour as we celebrate the Scottish Film & TV industry (and why Scotland is a must visit destination for TV and movie buffs) on Wednesday the 25th of May, 9-10pm. 

We can’t wait to hear all about your favourite Scottish shows, films and actors/actresses! You can find the questions that we’ll ask on the night below, so get planning those answers!

In addition to the regular team, our confirmed co-host for May’s Scottish Film and TV chat is: @jon_melville (Digital editor/arts journalist @WOW247).

Scottish Film & TV Questions

9.00 Q1. What’s your favourite film/TV show featuring Scotland or Scottish cast members? #ScotlandHour

9.10 Q2. What Scottish film/TV show no longer in production deserves a prequel/sequel/reunion and why? #ScotlandHour

9.20 Q3. Name your favourite Scottish actor/actress and why? #ScotlandHour

9.30 Q4. Share your favourite quote from a TV show/film involving Scotland/Scottish casts? #ScotlandHour

9.40 Q5. Share your top tips on the best places to watch films in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9.50 Q6. What Scottish locations would look amazing on the big screen? Share your pictures. #ScotlandHour

Please share the questions with others ahead of the evening and join us by following the hashtag #Scotlandhour to see all of the comments and answers.

Remember to include #ScotlandHour and A1 in your answer to Q1 etc.

Looking for inspiration?

Search ‘Scottish Film’ or ‘Scottish TV’ and you’ll see that Google has handily curated a list of films and TV shows set in Scotland – you even filter the films by ‘Genre’ and ‘Year’!

Scottish Films