Learning in and about Scotland – May 2022

Learning is such an essential part of travelling – it’s basically impossible to travel and not come home with a head full of newly learnt facts about history and culture, a few new words in a foreign language, or even new skills you picked up along the way.

In Scotland, where tour guides become storytellers, these learning experiences are waiting behind every castle ruin, bilingual signpost, and hairy coo.

Join us and co-host Kathi from the @wildforscotland podcast on a #ScotlandHour journey of wonder and discovery, and share with us some of the things you’ve learned about Scotland, lessons from your travels, and stuff you want to learn when you next get the chance.

This month’s #ScotlandHour about ‘Learning in and about Scotland‘ happens on Wednesday, 25th May, 9-10 pm. Remember to include #ScotlandHour and A1, A2 and so forth in your replies, so everyone can join in and share.


9:00 pm – Q1. What Scottish skill, craft or tradition would you like to learn (more about)? #ScotlandHour

9:10 pm – Q2. Share something surprising about Scotland that you didn’t expect at all! #ScotlandHour

9:20 pm – Q3. What’s your favourite way to learn about Scotland? Reading books, listening to podcasts etc. #ScotlandHour

9:30 pm – Q4. Shout-out to a Scottish person, place or experience that has taught you something new? #ScotlandHour

9:40 pm – Q5. What have you gained from your travels in Scotland? #ScotlandHour

9:50 pm – Q6. Show us your favourite photos or videos that take you back to a learning experience in Scotland! #ScotlandHour

the Scotland Hour Team