ScotlandHour September 2017 – Green Tourism

ScotlandHour September 2017 – Green Tourism

September is dedicated for Green Tourism. Scotlandhour comes back on 27th September 9pm-10pm.

With beautiful green surroundings, excellent waters, stunning skies and great food, Scotland is certainly one of the top destinations for sustainable tourism.

Whether visitors are looking for a green haven, sustainable local & seasonal foods, outdoor activities and fresh air, Scotland caters for all tastes. Luxurious green hotel, standard eco accommodation or a humble hut in the woods and fireplace, yes Scotland has something for everyone.

And co-hosting this month we are delighted to welcome Green Tourism – the world largest sustainable certification of its kind. @greentourismuk

Hopefully you can join us and share your recommendations, hidden gems, green festivals and events, local restaurants and much more.

Here are questions for the evening:

9pm Q1. What green accommodation would you recommend? #scotlandhour

9:10pm Q2. What green visitor attraction would you recommend? #scotlandhour

9:20pm Q3. Any green events (upcycling, crafts, leftovers cooking) & festivals coming soon in Scotland? #scotlandhour

9:30pm Q4. Do you have any suggestions for a sustainable restaurant, café or inn? #scotlandhour

9:40pm Q5. Which green accreditation would you look for when choosing food, restaurant or accommodation? #scotlandhour

9:50pm: Q6. Please share images or video that represent sustainable food & tourism in Scotland. #scotlandhour

Please remember to always add A1, A2… and #scotlandhour to your tweets and we will be able to read them and comment your answers.