Scotlandhour September 2019 – Great Autumn Adventures

Great Autumn Adventures – Wednesday 25th September 2019   9pm – 10pm

We are almost at the end of September and already the Autumnal colours are gracing us with their beauty and showing us that although the warm days may not stay, the golden colours and beautiful sunrises and sunsets will.


Arguably Autumn is perhaps the most stunning season in Scotland, and we are lucky this month to be discussing it with guest hosts from the far North of the Country with the North Coast 500, @NorthCoast500 and down to the South with VisitNewcastleton, @VisitNewcastleton .  Of course, we also want your Autumnal tips for the bits in between the North and the South.


So, join us on Wednesday 25th September 9 – 10pm on Twitter and share the best of a Scottish Autumn with us, just remember to include #Scotlandhour in your posts so that we can see and engage with your tweets and pop in A1 when answering Q1 etc.


Q1. With the night’s drawing in and colder days ahead, what does Scotland offer for an Autumn break? #scotlandhour

Q2. Where’s your favourite place to explore on an Autumn walk and why? #scotlandhour

Q3. The Autumn harvest offers an abundance of delicious Scottish fare – what’s your favourite seasonal food and where’s the best place to get it? #scotlandhour

Q4. Autumn is one of the best times of year to spot Scotland’s rich and varied wildlife – what’s your favourite? #scotlandhour

Q5. Let us know about your favourite Autumn events in an area where you live, or in other parts of Scotland #scotlandhour

Q6. Share your Autumn pics and videos! #scotlandhour