This month we are talking all about the seaside and it was only when we started to consider what the seaside meant that we realised just how varied a topic it can be and what a range of places we have right across Scotland when we talk about ”the seaside.”

For sure, there are numerous great beaches as you can see with this image from Harris courtesy of Fiona Drane, but we’ve got some beautiful small harbours, ports and coves, not to mention the cliff walks and wild landscapes. The seaside is surely our most weather resilient part of our country – sure, it will be lovely and really popular when the sun is out, but it is also great to go to the seaside on a wet and windy day for an exhilarating walk, ( with or without your pet dog! ).

Next year, our tourism theme year is on Coasts and Waters, so this hour will be a great opportunity for everyone to find out a bit more about some of the most stunning parts of our country. The water is all around us and the coast delivers some amazing views and often very comforting places to visit – don’t be shy, get yourself ready and engage with us during what promises to be an entertaining and hopefully inspiring hour.

Hopefully we have given you enough scope within the questions to allow you to tell us all about your favourite seaside experiences, where you love to go, what you love to eat ( and drink ) so get your answers ready and share your great knowledge with the rest of us on Wednesday 28th August 9-10pm.

Remember to include #Scotlandhour in all your tweets and A1 when answering Q1 etc.

Don’t be shy to include pictures with any / all of your tweets ahead of Q6, as we feel that you will have LOADS to share!

9-10pm Wednesday 28th #Scotlandhour

9.00pm Q1. So you only have one whole day to be at the seaside, where in Scotland are YOU going to go and why? Don’t forget to give us a picture of it.

9.10pm Q2. What’s your favourite way of spending time at the seaside? And don’t forget your pics.

9.20pm Q3. What do you like to eat and drink when you’re at the seaside? Yes, we’ll take fish and chips if you want, but we’ll also take other suggestions.

9.30pm Q4. What do you look forward to when you are going to / or at, the seaside?

9.40pm Q5. You have to combine two seasides together, what two aspects are you choosing and why?

9.50pm Q6. Now is a great chance to share your pictures of your favourite seaside view so share away!

Remember to include #Scotlandhour in all your tweets and A1 when answering Q1 etc as it helps with collating all the great tweets!

See you 9-10pm on Wednesday 28th August!