What To Do With That Extra Hour?

#ScotlandHour October 30th

Well, with everyone gaining an extra hour due to the clocks reverting to Greenwich Mean Time and the end of Summer Time, you maybe at a loss as to what to do with these precious 60 minutes? Answer: Join us on Wednesday night, 30th October, between 9-10pm (GMT of course) and share with us your knowledge about the museums and attractions that are around the country.

Ahead of the hour, we are delighted to be able to share with you the questions that will be posted on the night.

Remember to include “A1 #Scotlandhour” for your answer to question 1, “A2 #Scotlandhour” for your answer to question 2 etc – the reason for this is that it helps everyone to see your tweets in relation to the question, and also allows us to produce Storify summaries of each hour, with your great, insightful answers relating to each topic.

If you need any assistance with this, or any matter of Scotlandhour, just drop us a tweet to @Scotlandhour (where else would you send it really!) and one of our team will be right back to you.


9:00 Q1 Name a favourite attraction/museum and tell us why? #ScotlandHour

9:10 Q2 Thinking of  our rural attractions/museums, what are your tips & why? #ScotlandHour

9:20 Q3 Which venues offer a great day out for all ages & why? #ScotlandHour

9:30 Q4 Have any exhibits/exhibitions in Scottish museums sent a shiver down your spine? #ScotlandHour

9:40 Q5 Share your favourite photo of a museum/attraction #ScotlandHour

Thanks for reading and we look forward to tweeting with you on Wednesday!