Celebrate St Andrews Day with #ScotlandHour

Celebrate St Andrews Day with #ScotlandHour

Help start the celebrations for St Andrews Day 2013 by joining us for a special #ScotlandHour on November 27th, between 9 and 10pm.

We’ll be asking the following questions, so get those tweets and photos ready and be sure to follow https://twitter.com/scotlandhour for updates.

0900 – 0910
Q1 What does St Andrews Day mean to you? #scotlandhour

0910 – 0920
Q2 Where can we celebrate St Andrew’s Day in Scotland and how? #scotlandhour

0920 – 0930
Q3 How can Scots living abroad celebrate St Andrew’s day –ideas? #scotlandhour

0930 – 0940
Q4 Andrew is Greek for Manly/Brave. What brave Scots have inspired you and why? #scotlandhour

0940 – 0950
Q5 The Saltire is iconic as Scotland’s national flag. Share a photo of this/ other icons you associate with Scotland. #scotlandhour

The last ten minutes will be spent letting you know about #blogmanay and the details of the 2014 #ScotlandHour calendar.