ScotlandHour 26th April: Festivals & Events

ScotlandHour 26th April: Festivals & Events

Scotland is renowned throughout the world for its rich culture and heritage and 2017 is even more special as Edinburgh celebrates its 70th anniversary as the world’s leading festival city.  From music and dance to literature, science, theatre, comedy, storytelling and military pageantry, there really is something for everyone, throughout the year.

For #ScotlandHour this month we’re inviting you to share your stories, recommendations and top tips about Scotland’s many festivals and events.  Where have you visited, what has always been on your bucket list and is there an international event you’ve always wanted to go to?

Join us on Wednesday 26th April at 9pm to get the inside track from the #ScotlandHour community. As it’s a takeover month the @edfests team will be leading the conversation along with Edinburgh’s major festivals.  To find out more about them and what’s happening in this celebratory year visit

And here are the questions we’ll be talking about –

9.00pm Q1 – What is your biggest reason for visiting a festival or event? #ScotlandHour
9.10pm Q2 – What is your favourite Scottish festival or event? #ScotlandHour
9.20pm Q3 – Which international festival or event have you always wanted to visit and why? #ScotlandHour
9.30pm Q4 – What’s your top tip for attending a festival or event? #ScotlandHour
9.40pm Q5 – The @edfests celebrate their 70th anniversary this year; what are you most looking forward to? #ScotlandHour
9.50pm Q6 – Share your photos & videos of your favourite festival and event #ScotlandHour