ScotlandHour 31st May: Artisan Food and Drink Producers

ScotlandHour 31st May : Artisan Food & Drink Producers

Scotland oozes with flavour thanks to amazing artisan food and drink range available across the country. Craft beers, natural juices, artisan chocolates, to outstanding restaurants who take pride of their local seasonal produce.

From street food caravan style to Michelin star restaurants there is something for everyone.

#Scotlandhour in May is all about food! Join us on 31st May 9pm and share your food and drink recommendations, say hi from wherever you are and get involved in the conversation: Food Festivals, food destinations, Scottish hamper and more.

We have two excellent co-hosts who know a thing or two about Scottish larder. @Eat_Scottish who runs regular Food Twitter chats on a monthly basis, their hashtag is #scotfood and website: . Our second co-host is @Tartanspoon – food blogger based in Edinburgh who provides food reviews and gives them ‘spoon awards’ and their website is The twitter chat will be mouthwatering, are you ready? Let’s check the questions!

#Scotlandhour Artisan food and drink questions:  

9.00pm Q1 – Share any #Foodfestival in Scotland you would recommend #ScotlandHour

9.10pm Q2 – Share any #artisan #foodanddrink that should be included in #Scottishhamper   #ScotlandHour

9.20pm Q3 – Any good places to visit in Scotland for sampling good #artisan foodanddrink? #ScotlandHour

9.30pm Q4 – Share any twitter or online resources to find #artisanfoodanddrink in #Scotland #ScotlandHour

9.40pm Q5 – Any café or restaurant you would recommend? #ScotlandHour

9.50pm Q6 – Share your photos & videos of artisan food and drink #ScotlandHour

We look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday 31st May at 9pm