Scotlandhour July 2019 – What do you think our visitors would like to see?

We’re now half way through the year and we are sure many of you will have been out and about exploring and enjoying Scotland. 

And we want to hear all about it and for those of you who have still to arrive what is it you would like to see?

There will be plenty to talk about as there is so much to see and do across our amazing country from stunning mountains and scenery, incredible history and folklore, to our fairytale castles and of course our established and emerging food and drink industry.  

We also have our wonderful Highlands and Islands with their picturesque scenery / beaches and wildlife including ‘Scotland’s Big 5’ and our vibrant bustling and cultured towns and cities. 

So, come and join us on Wednesday 31st July between 9-10pm on Twitter and share your answers and pics with us. Just remember to include #Scotlandhour in your posts so others can see and engage with your tweets

Taking the reins for the night are Colin and Linda aka @amberparkcouple. 

Also joining as a guest host is @kimkjaerside. Kim is a Dane, living in Scotland. He loves travelling and has a passion for photographing the beautiful country he and his family now call home, Scotland.   Perfect attributes for this months topic.

Feel free to look them both up and if you like what they do give them and (of course us) a follow.

31st July Questions

Q1 What do you think is the biggest attraction Scotland has to offer and that visitors wish to see or do? #scotlandhour

Q2 What does Scotland have to offer that perhaps doesn’t get enough promotion or attention by visitors and possibly needs a bit of help? #scotlandhour

Q3 What’s the best season to visit Scotland and see what’s on offer? #scotlandhour

Q4 What parts of Scotland in your view are able to showcase the most for visitors? #scotlandhour

Q5 Clearly Scotland has so much to offer visitors from stunning scenery, good food / drink, wildlife, history, culture and of course our people. Rank your top three. #scotlandhour

Q6 Some great answers this evening so far. To close share pics of the favourite things you’ve seen (or wish to see) in Scotland and why? #scotlandhour