European Championships Glasgow 2018

Scotlandhour June 2018 – European Championships

This August sees yet another first for Scotland when Glasgow co-hosts the inaugural European Championships with Berlin, as seven sports combine over eleven days, to deliver an amazing experience full of tense competition and ultimately Gold medal winning performances.


#Scotlandhour – Twitter’s first ever tourism chat no less – is delighted to be able to highlight this first ever event and showcase what Scotland has to offer to those coming to enjoy the Championships in Glasgow this summer.


The sports are kicking off on Thursday 2nd August and there is an action packed programme across the next 11 days with events like Gymnastics at the Hydro, Cycling at the Velodrome, Swimming at Tollcross, Rowing and Triathlon at Strathclyde Country Park (not at the same time as that would be silly of course!) and Open Water Swimming at Loch Lomond, and Gleneagles is hosting the Golf whilst there is also Diving taking place in Edinburgh – all things considered, a wide range of events and locations for people to visit and experience.


So with such an attractive and enticing event for people to enjoy, we thought it only right to see what other things we can add onto the “To Do” list for our visitors, and of course, have a little bit of fun as well!


Do join us for a great night talking about our country and what it has got to offer visitors and competitors alike and share your passion about this great place.


The questions are shown below, so do share and prepare ahead of the night itself.


Scotlandhour Questions: Wednesday 27th June 2018, 9-10pm BST



Q1 The European Championships are over two locations, Glasgow and Berlin, what two locations in Scotland would make ideal holiday and why? #Scotlandhour


Q2 As we welcome people from all over Europe, and the world, describe what welcome would you give visitors from abroad? #Scotlandhour


Q3 There is a cultural program which will run alongside the Championships, what would you include in it? #Scotlandhour


Q4 Get creative, and for some fun, how would you marry a sport into a part of Scotland – say the pole vault over the Glenfinnan viaduct? #Scotlandhour


Q5 What is your “must see” item for those visitors to the Championships? #Scotlandhour


Q6 Share with us your images of Scotland looking at its Gold medal best to entice our forthcoming visitors? #Scotlandhour

European Championships Glasgow 2018