Scotlandhour July 2018 – Health & Wellbeing

Scotlandhour July 2018 – Health & Wellbeing

“why walk…. when you can run?”

This month we are talking about Health & Wellbeing. Scotland is the perfect location if you’d like to get outdoors and spend some time enjoying some exercise or simply chilling out. Our scenery offers challenges including Munros through to gentle, easy family walks. Wild swimmers can enjoy pristine lochs and beaches to rival the Caribbean. Or why not look after your body and mind during your visit with some yoga in a beautiful location such as a country garden. Go crazy and speed downhill on your mountain bike to take to the slopes at one of Scotland’s ski resorts.

Run The SightsThis month we are joined by co-hosts @RunTheSights. A brilliant concept providing running tours throughout Scotland, suitable for all running abilities. The team cater for travelling tourists, corporate groups, jog Scotland groups, party groups, small private tours etc – they even have super fun running tours that involve alcohol. So, after a sightseeing running tour of places including Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow enjoy a well-earned glass of something fizzy.

So, if you join us on Wednesday 25th July at 9pm GMT please be ready to share your top tips about where your favourite places are to look after your well being in Scotland. And which are your go-to businesses who can really help us maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle – even when we are enjoying our holidays.

Any life hack tips or quick fixes to promote a healthier lifestyle that can slot into life without a drastic overhaul?

9:00pm Q1 Any suggestions on how to stay healthy and fit whilst travelling? #ScotlandHour

9:10pm Q2 What activities do you enjoy to maintain a healthy body and mind? And where can they be done in Scotland. #ScotlandHour

9:20pm Q3 Does what we eat make us who we are?  Where can travellers find healthy, tasty Scottish food?#ScotlandHour

9:30pm Q4 What are your recommendations for Scottish weekends away, which promote health & well-being?  #ScotlandHour

9:40pm Q5 What are your suggestions for getting the whole family involved in a healthy day out? #ScotlandHour

9:50pm Q6 Share the images which show your healthy inspirations & achievements. #ScotlandHour