ScotlandHour August 2013 – Scotland’s Natural Larder

August 2013 – Scotland’s Natural Larder

This month’s ScotlandHour Twitter chat looks forward to September’s Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight, which runs from 7 – 22 September 2013.  The Twitter Chat will run from 9 – 10 pm on 28 August 2013.

Questions for ScotlandHour 28 August 2013 at 9 – 10 pm are:

9:00 Q1 – Which food and drink events would you most recommend to visitors? #ScotlandHour

(Question kindly submitted by Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers)

9:10 Q2 – What locally produced food would you like to access more easily? #ScotlandHour

(Question kindly submitted by Local Origins Rural Network)

9:20 Q3 – What event or appearance would make you decide to attend a Food Festival? #ScotlandHour

(Question kindly submitted by Crail Food Festival)

9:30 Q4 – Tweet us some photographs or tell us your best serving suggestions with Scottish oatcakes #ScotlandHour

(Question kindly submitted by Stockan’s Oatcakes)

9:40 Q5 – What’s your favourite place to have lunch while out in the Scottish countryside? #ScotlandHour

(Question from one of the ScotlandHour team)

9:50 Q6 – What locally produced Scottish food, or drink, is your favourite and why? #ScotlandHour

(Question from Mark Calpin, one of the ScotlandHour team)

As always, photographs in response to any of the questions make the chat all the more colourful.

All you need to do to join in is to be ready to Tweet your answers to the questions below, which will be Tweeted out by your regular ScotlandHour hosts: @bairdtravels@ScotlandHour @AileenLamb@LesleyJudge@HIEHamilton@Fiona Drane and @SusanMcNaughton.  When you see a question (starting with Q1), answer by starting your Tweet A1, and remember to include #ScotlandHour in your answer to ensure that your Tweet will be included in the ScotlandHour stories which we create on after the chat.

Be friendly, be positive, and remember to follow and continue the conversation with those you meet during the ScotlandHour chat.  All are welcome to join in within the format.  It’s a great way to meet others involved in welcoming visitors to Scotland.  By Tweeting from your business or personal account it gives others the chance to find out about you and your business, attraction or services.  Blatant self-promotion on the theme is not the idea behind this community effort, and could result in being blocked from the chat.

Next month’s ScotlandHour will be on Wednesday 25 September 2013 at 9 – 10 pm and is on the subject of Flora and Fauna – Scotland’s Wildlife. If you’d like to suggest questions for this theme, then head to our Facebook Page and submit them there.