Your Scotlandhour Needs You!

ScotlandHour Needs You!

We have all been delighted with the continued success of ScotlandHour and that delight is not ours alone to keep – it should be enjoyed and shared amongst everyone who takes part in the monthly Tweetchats and contributes so much to the whole experience.

Whilst we would, of course, wish to thank everyone for these posts, and look forward to their continued involvement with us, we also recognise that there may be opportunities for people to work with us and assist with the participation and promotion of future Scotlandhour chats. Fear not, there is no requirement for an intensive, long term commitment, rather, we were thinking that people could volunteer to work with us when they are able to assist. It could be that there is a natural connection between you and the theme for the chat, or maybe you just want to get involved and support our efforts to promote tourism across the country.

Feel free to get in touch with any of us if you want to chat about it, obviously online with #Scotlandhour, or whichever other way suits you!

Once again, thank you for your contributions and we look forward to seeing you soon – the next Scotlandhour is on Wednesday 25th September, 9 – 10 pm and the subject is Flora and Fauna – Scotland’s Wildlife. You can suggest your questions for this theme on our Facebook page.