Scotlandhour November 2017 Digital Travel Takeover

Scotlandhour November 2017: Digital Travel Takeover

November’s #Scotlandhour is a digital travel takeover!

We’re delighted to welcome takeover hosts Criton, TrueScot and PocketLeap to manage our chat this month, and we hope you can join us on the evening of Wednesday 29 November, from 9-10pm.

Find out more about each of our takeover hosts below and chat to them on Twitter.

For our digital travel chat we want to hear from the #scotlandhour community on the best travel apps, games, VR, AR, and your sources of digital travel inspiration for exploring and experiencing Scotland. Which apps or digital services make your stay or travel plans more fun, easier or better?

Many thanks to Criton, TrueScot and Pocket Leap for contributing this month’s chat questions.

#Scotlandhour Questions for Wednesday 29 November 2017, 9-10pm:

9:00pm Q1 How do you uncover hidden gems in Scotland via digital sources? #scotlandhour

9:10pm Q2: What is your must-have app for travelling around Scotland? #scotlandhour

9:20pm Q3: Apps, VR, AR, gamification: Any good #travel experiences to share?  #scotlandhour

9:30pm Q4: What content do guests want in a hotel app? #scotlandhour

9:40pm Q5: How important is digital to your own experience as a guest/visitor? #scotlandhour

9:50pm Q6: Share photos/videos from an unforgettable Scottish travel experience! #scotlandhour

Our Takeover Hosts


Criton is a DIY app builder for the hospitality industry. It allows hospitality accommodation providers to build their own guest welcome app. Guests can download the app prior to their arrival on their own devices (smartphones and tablets) and have access to all the information they will need and want during their stay (what to do, how to work appliances, what is the Wi-Fi password etc.).

Accommodation providers can update the content at any time from their dashboard and use great tools to engage their guests such as push notifications or guest messaging. Our customers’ apps are in the Apple app store and Google Play. You can find some of our customers’ apps on our case studies page. Find out more from the Criton website or follow on Twitter.


Born out of the Edinburgh Tourism Innovation Challenge, the TrueScot team had an idea: tackle the Edinburgh overtourism congestion in the city centre by showing visitors what they really want to find: local, authentic experiences. True Scot is an app that makes a game out of your Scottish trip. With points assigned to different sites depending on their popularity and distance from the city centre, a visitor can collect different rewards for their experiences, complete quests, and climb the levels to become a “True Scot.” The more ‘hidden’ the gem, the higher the points to collect! Discover Edinburgh the local way. After winning the #ETIC17, the True Scot team is now working on making the best game for visitors to Edinburgh.

Keep up with TrueScot updates and share your thoughts on how you’d like to play or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Pocket Leap

Nowadays, your mobile phone is your primary computing device – replacing your camera, maps, tour guides and music player with just one device. Mobile phones have become the main method of keeping in touch with friends and family around the world, and many people regularly purchase products and services on mobile, too.

At Pocket Leap we think mobile apps have incredible potential to improve the tourist experience – for both business and customers – and that’s why we’ve developed a platform where businesses can easily make their very own app for iPhone and Android. Creating your own branded mobile app opens up a range of new opportunities to engage with customers, creates innovative business models and helps businesses optimise their day to day operations.With Pocket Leap, you can build you own beautifully branded mobile app in just a few clicks and connect with your customers on a whole new level. Find out from the Pocket Leap website, try out its student guide to Glasgow at as an example of a Pocket Leap app, or follow on Twitter.