Scotlandhour October 2018 – Winter Breaks and Days Out

Winter Breaks and Days Out

Loch Lomond reflecting the changing seasons….

What a great time of the year we are heading into now, when crisp, sharp mornings awaken and welcome you to shorter days, when natures’ colours really show their beauty, ahead of long, dark nights when our focus is on warmth and comfort. Yes, we did have a sensational summer when weather warnings were of drought and sizzling temperatures, but now we know winter is on the way, especially as, whisper it, snow, is showing in the five day forecast for some parts of the north!

As we always try to provide ideas and inspiration for you, this month’s Scotlandhour looks at Winter breaks and days out.

We can give you a 100% guarantee that over the next few months, there will be weather in Scotland.

What that will be like, cold, mild, wet, dry, freezing, windy, calm, we do not know, but we do know there will be weather of that we are sure, so let us share our what our best tips and favourite places are to make it an even more enjoyable time.

Let us enjoy these next few months and continue to celebrate all that is marvellous in and about the country, so join us on Wednesday 31st October, between 9pm-10pm for this month’s Scotlandhour.

This month’s questions:

9.00pm Q1.  There are some great weather days when we can get out and about, even at this time of year, where do you like to go on those days when the sun shines? #Scotlandhour


9.10pm Q2.  Okay, so sometimes our weather can be a bit wet / windy / stormy  / cold / freezing  (and even all at the same time!), so for those “rare” days when it is not so nice, where makes for a great day and why? #Scotlandhour


9.20pm Q3.  So when you are looking for a little treat or bit of refueling, what are your favourite places for a stop off, either for a coffee & cake or gin & tonic break, or something even more substantial? #Scotlandhour


9.30pm Q4.  What places do you like to get out away to for a winter break? #Scotlandhour


9.40pm Q5.  Tell us your tales of being impressed when out and about, either by a place, a person, the service, the view, the scenery – whatever caught your eye? #Scotlandhour


9.50pm Q6.  Of course, we would love you to share your images of winter times in Scotland. #Scotlandhour


Don’t forget to include A1 and #Scotlandhour in your answer for Q1 etc as it really helps with attaching the tweets to the right question.