Scotlandhour 28th September 2016: Towns and Cities

Scotlandhour 28th September: Towns and Cities

Scotlandhour 28th September 9-10pm

This month we take a look at our towns and cities, and it is a great time to be reminded of their much loved charms that have slipped our mind as well as giving us the chance to learn a bit more about things on our doorstep, or maybe slightly further afield that we didn’t know about.

Our chat on Wednesday 28th September, 9-10pm BST, will give us all the opportunity to get more acquainted with our towns and cities, where, whilst some of the charm may be as old as the hills (and may even come from the hills themselves) much of what they have to offer has changed in recent years and there are pockets of interest and attraction for all manner of tastes, including architecture, food & drink, fashion, history, culture, music – the list really does go on and on!

We are delighted to be joined this month by some fabulous co-hosts and already signed up we have:

@visitabdn – Sharing all that is great in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

@moir_media – Communication and Online Agency working for Destination Glasgow

@Sal_Tindall – Destination Glasgow Tourism Manager and project manager at Scottish Enterprise


Here are the questions for this month’s chat –

9.00pm Q1 What brings you back time & again to your favourite city/town?  #Scotlandhour

9.10pm Q2 What makes your chosen eatery to enjoy at this time of year and why?  #Scotlandhour

9.20pm Q3 If you had 3 hours to spend, which town/city would you go to & why ? #Scotlandhour

9.30pm Q4 Share something or somewhere that isn’t well known about your town/city?  #Scotlandhour

9.40pm Q5 What part of your city/town brightens your day in the Autumn? #Scotlandhour

9.50pm Q6 Share your videos & photos that sum up your favourite city/town? #Scotlandhour

As always, remember to include A1 and #Scotlandhour in your answer to question 1 etc, thanks.


In recent months we have been able to share the co-hosting duties with other tweeters and we still have some space for this month – just drop us a tweet!